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FAQs about CDL Speeding Tickets and More

You can find detailed answers to many of your legal questions in our articles written for LandLine Magazine by ROAD LAW’s attorneys. Here are some frequent questions our truck driver lawyers hear from drivers about ROAD LAW services. 
​Q: What does it cost to use ROAD LAW’S services?
A: ROAD LAW operates on a flat fee basis, when possible. But, every case is different. You can call our toll free number, tell one of ROAD LAW’S trained assistants the details of your situation, speak with one of our attorneys and get a quote.
Q: What are the accepted methods of payment for a CDL attorney?
A: ROAD LAW accepts major credit cards including, AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard. Debit Cards, Comdata, EFS and T-checks. You can also contact a ROAD LAW administrator to process an automatic withdraw from your checking or savings account. Or if you prefer, mail in a money order or cashier’s check. 
Q: Can I make payments?
A: ROAD LAW is always willing to work with you. However, we must be fully retained at least five (5) business days prior to your court date. 
Q: Will you “take care of " my CDL speeding tickets?
A: ROAD LAW will do everything legally possible to help with your ticket. However, we cannot guarantee you anything other than our best effort. Keep in mind that the final say is always up to the Court and not the ROAD LAW attorneys and staff.
Q: What if I know I didn’t deserve the ticket?
A: We know that often, drivers get tickets they just don’t deserve and we’re prepared to represent you at trial, if a trial is what you really want. Remember, if you want a trial, you usually must appear with us so you can be ready to testify, if necessary. Although, you usually have a right to a trial, at first, we may want to try to “educate" the Court about the harm a conviction of the ticket would cause you rather than immediately start to “litigate" your case. Also, if we can get the Court to amend or dismiss your ticket rather than have a trial, you’ll save a lot of money in legal fees. 
Q: Do I have to be a member of ROAD LAW Plus to use your services?
A: No. You can call ROAD LAW for a free consultation and use our services without being a member. We designed ROAD LAW Plus simply to save our clients money on legal fees. It is not required.
Q: You helped me with a ticket and I’m supposed to take Traffic School, do I have to?
A: You do not have to do anything. You are our client, and if you do not want to take Traffic School for a guaranteed dismissal of the ticket, you don’t have to. But we strongly recommend that you do, we cannot guarantee the Court will agree to any better relief.
Q: What if I / my company paid a ticket and now I’m losing my CDL, what can I do?
A: Unfortunately, we see this situation play out every day. We urge every driver to contact ROAD LAW before the threat of a disqualification becomes a reality. However, once you get the notice of disqualification, contact us and we will instruct you to request a hearing with the DMV and, in the meantime, we’ll work to reopen one or more of the cases that has caused the disqualification. Reopening your case is usually possible, but the process is much more difficult than if you had contacted ROAD LAW in the beginning.
Q: What if I don’t have a ticket? Can I still call for a free consultation?
A: Yes. ROAD LAW is here for you to answer any traffic related question and the effects to your CDL, whether you have a ticket or just a general question. It’s better to call us now and get the knowledge to keep yourself out of trouble in the future.
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